We continue to make progress in EUPlay project.

We have carried out a questionnaire to explore teachers’ perceptions of Education 4.0, their technological readiness, the use of technology in their classrooms and the degree to which they and their students are prepared to tackle teaching and learning processes in which the use of technology plays a leading role.

The questionnaire has been filled in by 115 participants from the consortium partners: Poland, Greece, Ireland, Turkiye, Cyprus and Spain and it has been addressed to educators at different educational levels.

After analyzing the results we can conclude that:

  • Most of the participant teachers significantly value the use of technology in the classroom (79% rate the statement with a high/very high value).
  • A high 89% say they follow a mixed teaching style (traditional+modern)
  • In general, they have the necessary skills to search for educational resources on the Internet, but there is a need for training in digital skills so that they can create and develop their own digital educational content.
  • Most of them also consider technology to be a catalyst for education. However, the curricula in schools still need to evolve in order to be considered “technologically rich” and a large part of families are still not sufficiently digitally prepared for their children’s digital education.
  • It is also noted that most of the teachers surveyed are unfamiliar with the concept of Education 4.0 and need training in this subject.
  • The vast majority of them believe that schools should help students to acquire digital skills.

These results, together with the Focus Groups that we will be conducting in the coming weeks, will help us to define the content of the teachers’ guide and the game.

We keep moving forward!